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I’m Mike Murgatroy.  I became a believer in Isagenix products while building one of the most successful personal training & fitness gyms in Montana.  We trained World Class Athletes, including the world record holder in Alpine Ski Jumping, Rolf Wilson.  Isagenix is what I would call super food.  It’s the ultimate fuel for athletic endeavors that require your body’s highest performance.  It’s also a perfect fit for any active lifestyle.

I’ve also spent decades training people who are trying to live better, be their healthy best and simply want to maintain their well being throughout their entire lives.

Anyone who’s ever been on a diet program knows, the most difficult thing is keeping the weight off and maintaining the healthy success you’ve achieved. When I began adding Isagenix as an integral tool in training my clients, I noticed a dramatic shift.

Before Isagenix, I’d set clients up with a diet and fitness program, specifically geared to their unique challenges – from weight loss all the way up to performance gains.  Adherence to a program and a routine that achieves long term success is the most difficult hurdle for so many people to get over.  Sound familiar?  Many of my clients went through ‘cycles’ of diet, training & exercise, then they’d ease up a bit once they achieved success, only to fall back and have to jump start their routine.   Only the most highly motivated athletes tend to stay with the program.


 Only 5% of my clients had no difficulty with adherence to a program before Isagenix.  Simply put, the average person has difficulty sticking to any program.

After adding Isagenix to their programs, there was a dramatic shift:

85% adherence and long term success.

When you purchase Isagenix from Eat Clean Get Fit, my expertise is included with you purchase.  If you’d like personal tips on how to add Isagenix to your routine, get the most from the products, or how to use Isagenix to increase your performance:


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