Over two years ago I was a caffeine addict, drinking over 3 espresso drinks a day!  Then I found the best supplement for consistent energy and recovery on the earth… Ionix® Supreme.  This product comes in your 30-Day system, but it’s also available to buy in singles or in packs of four.  Many people who’ve incorporated Isagenix into their healthy lifestyle consider Ionix Supreme one of the cornerstones of their daily ‘fuel.’

What is it?

Ionix supreme is a nutrient rich, rejuvenating drink that restores and protects the body from stress and helps increase your ability to perform better both mentally and physically. I call it my brain food that gives me mental clarity and stamina through the day, as well as helping me sleep better at night.  It comes in liquid or powder form.  I love the liquid (I mix it with purified water) but I always recommend the powder to people who travel for it’s compact size and convenience.

What’s in it?

Ionix supreme also contains over 100 specially sourced ingredients from around the world including, antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs and supercharged blend of trace minerals.   The human body can go a couple of days without food or water, but you can’t live for one second without trace minerals!  Trace minerals run the body’s vital functions, plain and simple “the higher levels of trace minerals you have in your body, the better you will function!”

Herbal adaptogens energize your cells and help adapt your body to demands.  The one noteable ingredients of the blend is “Shilajit”  or as the Tibetan’s call it “Destroyer of Weakness, Conquerer of Health”.  Ionix® Supreme contains Himalayan Shilajit which is reported to contain at least 85 minerals in Ionic form and has the highest levels of fulvic acid on the planet.   Fulvic acid is the only adaptogen produced in nature that cannot be replicated in a lab.  There are six foot tall white monkeys in the Himalaya’s that have been observed eating this stuff, so there must be something to it!

A full list of ingredients and more detailed information can be found here:  Ionix® Supreme Guide from Isagenix 

On A Personal Note…

In all of my professional career, about 17 years in Fitness and Coaching, I have never seen a product have such a profound affect on athletic performance and recovery.   Boxers I coach used to recover from bouts in a week or two, but when they are on Ionix, they’re back to peak physical condition in as little as 4 days.   Personal Training clients on Ionix often tell me that they’re not as sore after workouts that normally would make “walking” afterwards difficult!

Ionix Supreme® has been tried, tested and verified!  Now I’m off to take a 1 oz shot of “Super Juice!”