Get your week started of on the right foot with todays “Move It Monday Workout”

30 min prior – Pre-work out drink- 1 scoop amped with 10 oz of water.

2 min prior – E+ Energy Shot


Elliptical                                                   1 mile

Jump Rope                                              50 reps

Walking Hip Flexor Stretch                      20 meters

Torso Rotations                                        30 reps



Super Set 1

Jabs on Heavy Bag         3-1 min rounds

Skip Rope                        3-1 min rounds

Super Set 2

Shoulder Front Raise       2 sets/12 reps ea  8lbs women, 15lbs men

St. Arm Lat Pulls              2 sets/12reps       40lbs women, 55lbs men

Super Set 3

Heavy bag combos          3-1 min rounds

Double Unders                 3-1 min rounds

Super Set 4

Pull-ups                            2 sets/12 reps       Body-Weight

Wood Chops                     2 sets/20reps        20lbs women, 30lbs men

Super Set 5

Ab Crunches Med Ball    2 sets/50 reps        Body weight only

Up-downs                         2 sets/30 reps        Body weight only


Recovery Shake:  Isalean Pro, Ionix Supreme and 1 Scoop of Isagenix Greens!

Notes:  Take a 1 min break between each group of exercises.  The weight is the low starting weight, if that is to light for you go up.

Eat Clean, Get Fit…….Live Better!