Eat Clean, Get Fit teaches that transformations are for everybody. Whatever your health goals are, the IsaBody Challenge can help support you on your journey to a better you.

30 minutes pre-workout – 1 scoop of Amped power with  8 oz of water

0 -5 minutes pre-workout – E+ Energy Shot


Row                                                            500 meters

Reverse Skip with Ext Hip Rotation    10 reps

Rotator Cuff                                              10 reps each arm

Jumping Jacks                                          30 reps (Fast)

During Workout – 1 scoop of Isagenix Replenish® with 12-16oz of water


Double Unders                                        50 reps

Wide Hands Push-ups                           50 reps

Burpees                                                    50 reps

Chin-ups                                                   50 reps

Mt. Climbers                                            50 reps

Bench Dips                                              50 reps

Staggered Stance Squats                        50 reps

Toe’s to Bar                                              50 reps


Time to Beat:    26 min

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