Don’t just sit on the sidelines and watch the game this weekend!  Get into action with our weekend warrior workouts!


Speed Jacks 30 reps

Up-right Bike 10 reps ea side

Row 200 meters

Over Head Sqaut 30 reps w/ stick

Workout – Friday 

Power Back Sqaut                  5 x 5 reps of 1-2x your body wt

RDL’s                                         3 x 15 reps of 1/4 your body wt

Kettle Bell Swings                   3 x 15 reps of 25lbs for women, 45lbs for men

Prone Hamstring Curls          3 x 20 reps at 50lbs for women, 90lbs for men

Wood Chops                              3 x 20 reps each side 20 lbs for women, 30+lbs for men

Toes to bar                                 3 x 10 reps

Ball Smash                                 3 x 15 reps

Around the worlds                    3 x15 reps

Notes: Take a 1 min break between each group of exercises.

Workout – Saturday

Double Unders 50 reps

Diamond Push-ups 50 reps

Burpees 50 reps

Pull-ups 50 reps

Mt. Climbers 50 reps

Dips 50 reps

Box Jumps 50 reps

Around the Worlds 50 reps

Time to Beat: 26 min

Off Day – Sunday

Eat Clean, Get Fit…..Live Better!