Don’t worry about what you are going to do when you get to the gym, we have that taken care of!

30 min prior to workout – 1 scoop of Isagenix Amped with 8 oz of water.

0-5 min prior to workout – Isagenix E+ Energy Shot


Jump Rope                                               3 min

Walking Pendulum                                    20 meters

Side Lunges                                              20 meters

Jumping Air Squats                                   30 reps (Fast)

During Workout – 1 Scoop of Isagenix Replenish® with 12 -16 oz of water.


Super Set 1

Back Squat’s                    2 sets/12 reps          30kg women, 70+kg men

Band Pull Ups                  2 sets/12 reps          (green or black band)

Super Set 2

One Leg/Leg Press         2 sets/12 reps ea     1/2 your body wieght in plates

Wide Grip Row                2 sets/12reps           55lbs women, 110lbs men

Super Set 3

Step ups                            2 sets/15rep ea        2/20+ dumbbells

21’s for Shoulders           3 sets/7/7/7 reps      5lbs ea women, 7.5lbs ea men

Super Set 4

Push Press                     2 sets/12 reps          45lbs women, 90lbs men

Assisted Pull-ups            2 sets/12 reps          Green Band women, Black Band for men

Super Set 5

One leg Depth Squats    2 sets/12 reps

Assisted Dips                  2 sets/12 reps        -50lbs women, -70lbs (try the first set with no assistance)

Notes:  Take a 1 min break between each group of exercises.

Post Workout – 1 Packet of Isagenix Isalean Pro® with 1 Packet of Ionix Supreme® in 12 oz of water.

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