The Wicked Wednesday workout is here time to kick your fitness up to the next level. Winter sports are just around the corner and no one likes to be the last one down the hill! (or up for that matter)

30 min Pre Work Out: Amped Power

Prior to workout: E+ Energy shot


Run                                                          1 mile

Reverse pull ups                                      10 reps

Rotator Cuff – Cable                                 5lbs -20 reps ea

Jump Rope                                               1 min



Front Squats to Overhead Press          100+ lbs Men   65+ lbs Women  reps = 21/15/9

Dead Lifts                                                 100+ lbs Men  65+ lbs Women   reps = 21/15/9

Str. Arm Lat (Freemotion)                    40 lbs Men    20  lbs Women   reps = 21/15/9

Thrusters                                                  70+ lbs Men  35+ lbs Women  reps= 21/15/9

Around the world                                    50 reps

Torso Rotations (single tower)             30+ lbs men  20+ lbs women


Post Workout Recovery:  Isalean Pro Shake with Ionix Supreme


Eat Clean, Get Fit…….Live Better!