30 min pre-workout – 1 scoop Isagenix Amped® with 8 oz of water.

0-5 min pre-workout – Isagenix Nox plus E+ Shot


Row                                                         500 meters

Double Unders                                        50 reps

Walking Cross Cradle Knee Hugs           20 meters

Torso Rotations                                       50 reps

During workout – 1 scoop of Isagenix Replenish® with 12 – 16 oz of water.


Super Set 1

Overhead Squats             2 sets/12 reps          20kg women, 40kg men

Str. Arm Lat                      2 sets/12 reps          40lbs women, 55lbs men

Super Set 2

One Leg- Leg Press        2 sets/12 reps ea     1/2 your body wieght in plates

Wide Grip Pull ups           2 sets/12reps            Body Weight

Super Set 3

Backward Lunges            2 sets/15 reps            2/20+ dumbbells

Shoulder Front Raise       2 sets/12 reps          8lbs ea women, 15+lbs ea men

Super Set 4

Prone Leg Curl                2 sets/12 reps          65lbs women, 90lbs men

Hand Stand Shld Press    2 sets/12 reps          Body weight


Notes:  Take a 1 min break between each group of exercises.

Post Workout:  1 packet of Isalean Pro® Shake with 1 packet of Isagenix Ionix Supreme in 12 0z of water with one scoop of Amped Recovery.

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