Go ahead—satisfy your savory tooth on Cleanse Days. Each packet of new gluten-free Whey Thins™ is 100 calories and offers 10 grams of protein that can help ward off cravings on your Cleanse Days.

If you do choose to consume Whey Thins on Cleanse Days, be sure not to overdo it—use Whey Thins in place of something else, rather than in addition to your normal Cleanse Day snacking. Beware of over snacking on other options that are on the official “approved” list.

In-House Pilot Study

An in-house Isagenix trial evaluated the use of Whey Thins as a Cleanse Day snack and compared them to traditional Isagenix Cleanse Day products, including IsaDelight® chocolates and Isagenix Snacks™.

All of the 25 subjects who completed Cleanse Days as part of their Isagenix system lost weight. In addition, the study found that 64 percent of subjects reported that they felt Whey Thins helped satisfy cravings for salty or savory foods when used as Cleanse Day snacks.

Based on the results of the study, there doesn’t appear to be any problems with alternating snacks on Cleanse Days. For example, you might try a combination of Whey Thins and Isagenix Snacks on one day, then IsaDelight chocolates with Isagenix Snacks the next day.

The goal of snacking on Cleanse Days is to manage hunger, cravings, and blood sugar. Some scientific research even suggests that snacking on something savory like Whey Thins can better regulate appetite in comparison to sweet snacks.

Customizing Your Cleanse Day Snacks       

Depending on your own personal needs on Cleanse Days, having a bag of Whey Thins, a few crackers at a time spread throughout the day, can be just enough to tide you over—and satisfy the need for something salty or savory.

But if you’re more inclined to want to snack on something sweet, then having one or two IsaDelight chocolates might be a better choice for managing cravings throughout the day.

You could also mix and match—try one IsaDelight chocolate in the morning, a quarter packet of Whey Thins around noon, another quarter packet in the early afternoon, and four Isagenix Snacks wafers over the rest of the Cleanse Day. If you feel like having only half a bag won’t cut it for you, then feel free to have a full one—but remember to cut your snacking elsewhere.

As long as your snacking choices don’t lead you to over-consume total snacks during your Cleanse Day, then you shouldn’t affect your results. Customizing Cleanse Day snacks should be whatever’s right for you. An original Cleanse Day protocol using only Isagenix Snacks might work for some, while having different options including Whey Thins will work best for others.

There’s multiple ways to snack on a Cleanse Day, and you might find that you like switching it up from time to time—or mixing it up! Check out our example below of a way you can use Isagenix products to customize your Cleanse Day.

Early Morning



  • 1 Deep Cleansing serving Cleanse for Life®
  • ¼ packet Whey Thins (about 4-5 crackers)
  • 2 Isagenix Snacks


  • 1 Deep Cleansing serving Cleanse for Life®
  • ¼ packet Whey Thins (about 4-5 crackers)
  • Natural Accelerator™ capsule


  • 1 Deep Cleansing serving Cleanse for Life®
  • 1-2 IsaFlush® capsules
  • ¼ packet Whey Thins (about 4-5 crackers)
  • 1 IsaDelight chocolate (optional)

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