Some folks can’t start their day without a morning cup of coffee, while other folks prefer to avoid caffeine altogether.

Certainly, the decision to consume caffeine is a personal choice, but whatever your preference, it’s a good idea to know how caffeine works in the body, and which Isagenix products contain caffeine.

How does caffeine work?

Every cell in the body contains a molecule called adenosine that is produced as a part of normal metabolism. Throughout the day, the level of adenosine rises in the brain and creates a signal that slows down nerve activity, promoting tiredness and sleep. When adenosine builds up near certain receptors in the brain, you start to feel drowsy. Since the level of adenosine increases throughout the day, you generally feel more tired the longer you are awake.

Caffeine is a molecule that is naturally produced by a variety of plants, including coffee, tea, yerba mate, and chocolate, which has a similar shape to the adenosine molecule. Because of its similar shape, caffeine can temporarily block the fatiguing effects of adenosine and help you feel more alert. When caffeine is present, the brain can’t detect the buildup of adenosine that leads to feelings of fatigue.

How much caffeine is considered moderate?

When used responsibly and in moderate amounts, caffeine is a safe and natural way to increase wakefulness, alleviate fatigue, and improve concentration and focus. However, like most things, caffeine can become a concern when used in excessive amounts.

So what is considered a moderate amount of caffeine? For healthy adults, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee suggests that consuming up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day can be part of a healthy diet (1). This is the amount of caffeine that is present in about four to five cups of coffee.

Keep in mind that some individuals are more sensitive to caffeine than others and might feel unwanted effects after as little as one cup of coffee. The half-life of caffeine in the body is around three to five hours, so it’s a good idea to limit caffeine in the late afternoon and evening hours to ensure you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep (2).

Which Isagenix products contain caffeine?

If you are following an Isagenix System, how much caffeine are you getting in a typical day? The answer depends on your use of Isagenix Coffee and e+™, as these are the only Isagenix products that contain an effective amount of caffeine.

Amount of Caffeine per serving
Isagenix Coffee, brewed (7 oz) 85 mg
e+ shot (2 oz) 85 mg

People often wonder if products with green tea or cocoa ingredients also contain caffeine. Most of the green tea extracts that are used in Isagenix products like Natural Accelerator and IsaGenesis have been decaffeinated, so this ingredient is not a significant source of caffeine except in e+ shots.

Chocolate naturally contains caffeine, but much less than coffee or tea. Cocoa is used for chocolate flavor in several Isagenix products, but the amount of caffeine contributed by cocoa is very small, similar to the amount of caffeine you might get from a cup of decaffeinated coffee. Unlike products that use cocoa for flavor, IsaDelight® chocolates contain a much greater amount of cocoa and have about 13 milligrams of caffeine per square.

The beauty of an Isagenix System is that it provides good foundational nutrition that gives your body the fuel it needs to get through your day, with the option of incorporating targeted products formulated to enhance energy levels through the use of naturally sourced caffeine.


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