At Isagenix, we’re always striving to achieve greater personal growth. We aim to be stronger, run faster, and change more lives than ever before, and we have the tools to help. Team Isagenix offers inspiration and encouragement for athletes and nonathletes alike to make fitness and health a priority so you can reach the next level in your performance.

Don’t take our word for it; see why some of our newest Team Isagenix athletes have joined the crew.

Alvie Shepherd – Retired Major League Baseball (MLB) Pitcher

Alvie pursued the IsaBody Challenge® after his unhealthy lifestyle resulted in a major health scare. He enrolled in his first Challenge and set a goal not only to become an IsaBody Finalist, but to be awarded the title of Grand Prize Winner!

After retiring from his professional baseball career, Alvie stopped making his health a priority. Searching for better overall health, he joined the Isagenix family and is now in better shape than he was when he played professionally.

“Isagenix gave me the fire and energy I needed to get active again. I returned to the gym, lost all the extra weight, and have put on lean muscle,” says Alvie. “The AMPED™ Performance line has become a staple in my workout routine.”

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